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Take Time for You / The Perfect Staycation

There are so many reasons to not take a break, to stay at home, to wait until next weekend or month, but lets break it down. A quick weekend trip is well worth it and here is why. 1. You work hard to play hard You work every day sometimes ALL day, why? If you are working so hard don’t you deserve a small break or reward every now and then? It’s important to have a balance a time where you get to recharge! 2. Get a fresh perspective Not much changes in our daily lives. We answer to schedules, routines and calendars. It’s a cycle we repeat every day, which leaves no room for spontaneity or change. Even if you’re happy in your work and life, getting away for a few days will open your eyes to a fresh perspective. This could be exactly what you need to brainstorm a new business idea, or to breath life into an old project. 3. Find and meet new people Getting offline and into the real world is not only healthy but it’s a great way to meet new people. Not all of the people you meet will help further your career, but that’s kinda the point. Relationships don’t always need to be work based, sometimes it’s nice to have a few real friends. 4. You need to relax and recharge Day-to-day life can drain you, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our bodies weren’t made to be robots working all day, making withdrawals and getting nothing in return. It’s imperative you take time to recharge, because without regular deposits, eventually your ATM will be empty. So take the time to relax and put some distance between the daily responsibilities that siphon away your energy. 5. Discover new challenges This is probably one of the most important reasons to get away this weekend. I don’t like being out of my comfort zone, and I have to force myself to push past my reservations. Traveling in itself is challenging, with unfamiliar food, new places and people you’ve never met before. Yes, the unknown is scary.

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